Foreign investors welcomed

You are a foreign investor and you are planning to set up in France or you have already started your  business.
Your legal advisers or business lawyers have likely informed you that French employment law is complex, changing and can easily lead to litigation.

Appui Conseil Employeurs is an outsourcing service provider in human resources management for small-and medium-sized companies, created by a former HR manager with proven experience, Marie-Hélène Morin.

Do you need to recruit your first employee in France?

Appui Conseil Employeurs has developed a specific service that will provide you with concrete assistance once you have recruited your candidate to implement all your administrative obligations including external obligations with official organizations.


Do you need to be backed up in your French HR management policy?

According to your needs and expectations, Appui Conseil Employeurs will operate through special assignments or on a long-term basis with an annual tailored contract.

We will provide you counseling and operational support in such fields as :

–  Personnel management: job descriptions, administrative operations linked to recruitment and day-to-day personnel management, health and safety requirements,…
–  Collective projects: performance reviews, incentive systems, working hours, training,… 
–  Employee representatives and industrial relations: professional elections, works council, negotiation of company agreements, …

If you want to know more about Appui Conseil Employeurs services, please go to or call Marie-Hélène Morin, 06 47 29 99 05

Appui Conseil Employeurs is run by Marie-Hélène Morin who has been working in companies for nearly 30 years as HR manager (manufacturing industry and retail trade). She completed a master’s (maîtrise) in international business in 1983 (Université de Mulhouse, Alsace) and a master’s (Master 2) in French employment law in 2009 (Université Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris). Professional English (she taught French at Columbia University, SC, USA in 1983 – 1984).